Why choose ATS

By bringing quality and innovation to the industry, and with a strong reputation of success, ATS is known for:

Understanding and Exceeding Customer Needs and Expectations

ATS’ sales team performs onsite surveys and interviews each customer to determine their needs and expectations. We ask detailed questions to help distinctly define the best solutions for the customer based on their budget, needs, and preferences.

Your business is unique. That means you have unique technology needs. Based in Carrollton, Texas, ATS provides a wide array of custom services and solutions to meet those needs-whether you’re looking to upgrade or modernize your existing security system, build a new system infrastructure for your growing business, or improve the way you currently secure your employees and faculties with a new state-of-the-art security system. There are many options out there, but we’ll take the confusion and stress out of the equation for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

What sets ATS apart is our approach-our ability to focus on your specific business, listen to you as the customer, and treat to you like a partner.

Our goal is to enable your business small or large to do more with less. The first step is easy. Allow one of us come talk to about the benefits and solutions we offer.

Working with a Variety of Manufacturers

ATS is independently owned and operated and as such our offerings are focused on the customer’s wants and needs; and not a particular product line. Our mission is to supply our customers with a custom solution that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Excelling in Technical Expertise

Because of our extensive industry experience, ATS has developed the knowledge base and technical abilities needed to accomplish everything from systems engineering, to the physical installation of any security related systems and/or devices.

Given the progress of the technology used in our industry; it is hardly surprising that the need for more technical skills and competency continues to grow. According to numerous industry surveys, jobs in the security industry, IT/data communications and other hi-tech fields will be among those showing the greatest growth and need in years to come. As a result of these growing needs, ATS is at the fore front of keeping pace or in most cases staying ahead of these technology changes. This is accomplished through education by way of our vendor’s certification programs and also through our mentoring programs which helps augment our field experience for both system deployments and on-going service and maintenance. These programs are mandatory for both our technical and sale’s staff, and we believe this translates into better more efficient customer service.

Providing Unrivaled Customer Service

ATS provides award-winning customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends. Our response time for most service requests is four hours within the entire DFW Metroplex.

Founded in 1991, ATS is a family owned and operated business serving the DFW Metroplex. At ATS we combine unrivaled quality, speed, value, and professionalism with old-fashion customer service. We provide a very comprehensive customer service program and use the most modern equipment and trouble-shooting processes in the industry to fulfill our customer’s needs. Our experienced team members are knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous and take exceptional pride in making your ATS service experience a great one!


At ATS, we focus on employee safety every day. We hold the highest standards of safety for our customers and employees, and are deeply committed to ensure the safest working environment possible. Our staff gets comprehensive safety training and also constantly tests and maintains our modern equipment with a clear goal – to continually improve the safety of our projects and/or worksites.

Customer Privacy

Complete security and confidentiality of any and all information provide to us by our customer’s is our strict corporate policy. ATS only uses any customer provided information for internal uses only, and will never share nor sell a customer’s information to anyone. Your information can be trusted with us, guaranteed!