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ATS has successfully provided technology solutions to hundreds of clients since its start 20 years ago. See what our loyal customers have to say about their experience with ATS.


“Astonishing pre and post sales support! I inquired regarding the simultaneous use of two of your IP video products to get both good video and top quality audio at the same time. You folks did a ton of documented work and in effect turned two perfectly good Volkswagens (IP Camera and Analog Audio Source) into one splendid Rolls Royce. I didn’t think any security company could give that kind of service.”

December 2012

“Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company in ATS that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come.”

October 2012

“Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. I never hesitate doing business with you!”

July 2012

“I hold your company in the highest regard as far as customer service goes – you folks are top notch. Thanks again!”

May 2012

“Your technical staff is quite competent and very responsive! Thanks again for your assistance.”

March 2012

Access Technology Systems has provided outstanding service and innovative solutions for Halliburton for years. The sales team has always put in the time and effort to satify our goals on every project. Their commitment to get the job done on time, and complete it with one hundred percent custom satisfaction is second to none. I can honestly say that we have been completely satisfied with every job, from simple repairs to major project, which ATS has done for us. I have had other access control companies that worked for Halliburton that were lacking in these areas. Once company even refused to finish an install and left the panel wiring in a state wherein the doors could not be closed. ATS cleaned up the panels and righted many wrongs with the install. From that point on, they have services our systems and have proven themselves as top notch company where customer service is their top priority. For my geographical area, ATS is the sole provider of access control support and service. In summary, I highly recommend ATS for any service that they provide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Matt Nagel, CPP
Site Security Manager

May 2009

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent security integration projects; Access Technology Systems has done for us at our Southlake, Texas facility. Initially, we were concerned with our existing system that was provided and installed by another contractor; our concerns centered on the functionality of the system and also the installation quality. Once we contacted Access Technology Systems (ATS), those existing concerns were put to rest, as the functionality and quality issues were taken cared of. The detailed plan of your work and the professional approach they provided made it perfectly clear that we made the right choice. This type of planning and installation quality actually enhanced the performance of the existing system; as such we have had ATS upgrade and make additions to the system. In addition to the existing security access system we have now, we will be using them for future projects as the buidling expands. As a summary of ATS’ efforts on our projects as a whole I would say, the projects they have done for us were of very high quality, on time and within the estimates they provided to us. Steve Woods and his staff are very professional and the job sites were left very clean and all waste and installation materials were removed and disposed properly. I would have no hesitation in recommending ATS for any additional security integration project we might have. Thank you.

Dan Foehser, FMA
Facility Manager
Verizon Wireless

November 2008

These are the best pedestals I’ve ever seen! I wanted everyone to know how happy I am with ATS and that on future projects for TRWD, this will be our new standard. Good job to everyone involved.
The enclosures are absolutely phenomenal! Love the organization and the detailed layout and printout enclosed in each.


October 2008

After years of dissatisfaction with past installations and service providers, I want to extend our appreciation. ATS’ professionalism, integrity and quality worksmanship demonstrated during the installation of our new integrated DSX Access Control System and Integral Digital Management System (CCTV System) is without parallel. Your installation team members were able to quickly gain the working knowledge of our facility, in addition to the demands of the current construction projects currently underway. In doing so, my staff was able to maintain the operation of the existing systems to ensure the safety and security of our members. Access Technology Systems ability to problem-solve and the willingness to commit the expertise and avoid potential problems associated with the complex task of installation are to be commended. We also appreciate the combined efforts of the team members working in your office and behind the scenes to support the field personnel in their efforts to deliver a high quality, state of the art system, with minimal disruption to daily church activities.

Thomas H. Chiles
Directory of Property Management
Park Cities Presbyterian Church

April 2005

Steve and his organization are without peer in all three areas you are inquiring about. ATS supported our security systems in Texas for over ten years, their responsiveness and attention to quality control was consistent and outstanding. Microsoft elected to contract support services from a single supplier nationwide last year, and the single largest downside of this was discontinuing the service and installation relationship with ATS. I hope we get at least half the level of service from our new suppliers as we received from ATS. Best of luck with your new facility!


May 1999

Access Technology Systems has provided complete security system design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring for Occidental Chemical Corporation at our Dallas, Texas, headquarters and at a number of our plants and service facilities. All of these systems are state of the art, and the company has provided exceptional security for all of the locations where its systems are installed. Occidental has incurred no security violations during the period of time when Access Technology Systems has installed its systems. Additionally, this company provides security systems for Occidental executives, including me as president and chief executive officer. Again, during the time that the security system has been in place in our home, only one incident occurred. While away from our home, a break-in occurred; the system was so efficient that response was immediate, no property damage occurred other than the glass broken to enter the home; and no articles were taken, since the perpetrator had to exit immediately due to the efficiency of this system. I highly recommend Steven Woods, president of Access Technology Systems, and the company for any security requirements for private, commercial, or industrial property.

J. Roger Hirl
President and CEO
Occidental Chemical Corporation

October 1996

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express to you our deep appreciation for the service your company has provided for us here at FINA since you took over our service contract almost three years ago. As you will remember, you and I both received numerous calls in the dead of night every time our system “cratered”. Thanks to your expertise in “trouble-shooting” our entire system, we have no more problems with out U.P.S., or Ultra-Pass access control system. Your employees are always prompt and professional when answering our calls for service or changes and additions in our access control system. We have yet to incur a problem that you or your staff could not overcome. I would be glad to refer you to anyone else in need of your services.

Herb Cox
Operations Manager

March 1994

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Visit our TXMAS page
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