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3 Ways Access Control and HD Video Surveillance Complement Each Other Posted on Thursday, 1 August 2013

3 Ways Access Control and HD Video Surveillance

When it comes down to security, there is no one solution that eradicates all other measures. Possessing a video surveillance system does not mean that you no longer need to hire security guards. An alarm system does not replace an access control system and vice versa. Each security measure plays an important role in the overall protection of an organization and work best when paired with other strong security protocols.

HD video surveillance and access control are two great examples of security tools designed to complement each other. It’s no surprise that most users of video surveillance also happen to be users of access control.

With the technology of both these measures constantly evolving, they are reliable tools that, combined, help safeguard a company and its assets. Especially in settings where security and confidentiality are high- such as in government buildings, airports or tech firms – maintaining an accurate record of employees and visitors is crucial.

Here are three ways access control and HD video surveillance can complement each other and provide value to the end user.

Controlling Tailgating

The primary purpose of access control is allowing employees access to areas they are authorized to be in and restricting them out of areas they shouldn’t be in. It is not only effective in protecting certain areas within your company’s building, but it leaves a track record of the parts they do access. The common problem with access control systems is the possibility that an individual will “tailgate” – the term within the security industry that means somebody follows a person with access into a restricted area. Tailgating doesn’t necessarily equate to malicious intent, but it does leave an inconsistency in the access trail. Pairing HD video surveillance with an access control system will verify whether a person accesses a check point by themselves or whether somebody followed them in.

Video Verification

Having an HD surveillance video camera complement the access control system will ensure you are aware of everybody that passes through a specific check point. You can also verify that the correct person is using the fob key entry or ID badge. Whether a person loses their fob or it gets stolen, having video verification confirms that the right person is gaining entry. Especially in investigations, you will be able to match badge records with video evidence to make a positive ID on a person at a specific check point.


Some HD surveillance system manufacturers are integrating the access control and video surveillance from a single central hub. The idea is an end user can manage both systems from one console. It makes running security on your premise more efficient and simplifies the process. You can make side-by-side comparisons between recorded video footage and access control records easier.

Being in adjacent markets, running HD video surveillance and access control systems simultaneously makes sense. You will have more versatility in your security capabilities and it provides the most value.

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